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Easy-to-access online accounting solution for day-to-day business

Best accounting software for small & medium business owners, entrepreneurs, accountants, bookkeepers, and individuals.


Record, classify, and summarize financial transactions of your business. Create & manage ledgers and journals

Invoice generation

Create and send invoices to your customers for goods & services you provide.

Expense management

Manage your organization's expenses in a systematic and controlled manner. Track, approve, and reimburse expenses incurred.

Bank reconciliation

Match and compare the balances of your company's bank accounts with the corresponding balance of its accounting records. Identify & solve discrepancies.


Manage vouchers for payments to vendors, receipts for cash transactions, reimbursements for business expenses, and other financial transactions.

Data & Files

Safely and securely manage all your financial data & files. Perform insert, update, delete etc. operations on your data. Apply analytics on top of it.

Purchase and Sale orders

Manage purchase orders and sale orders to record the terms & conditions, quantity, agreed price, delivery date, and other details of a purchase or sale of goods or services with the relevant parties.

Tax (GST/VAT) management

Manage your organization's tax obligations in a strategic and efficient manner. Be compliant with tax rules & regulations, minimize tax liabilities, and optimize tax planning strategies.

Reporting & Dashboard

Analyze and communicate information about your business performance, progress, and goals. Build real-time reports and make effective decisions.

Financial Accounting

Generate Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss (P&L) statements, and Cash flow statements in accordance with GAAP and other accounting standards.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create informed budgets and generate forecasts to plan for the future and make informed decisions.

Machine Learning (coming soon)

Use our top of the class ML models to predict your sales, purchase, customers, and other metrics to keep yourself ahead of the game.

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I was struggling hard to manage day-to-day accounting and tax filing for my dental clinics chain. Then my best friend who happens to be a Co-Founder of AccountingOnWeb recommended me to use this cloud-based solution. The AOW solution is just fantastic and fulfills my business needs. Not only that, it's very easy to use and now my clinic staff are able to manage everything from maintaining customer records to the monthly cash flows, that too through their mobiles.

Dr. Gaurav Saxena

Owner, Saxena Dental Care Implant And orthodontic Centre

I recently used a popular accounting website called and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with their services. I was looking for an online solution to streamline my factory's accounting processes that includes maintaining ledgers & journals, the day book of transactions, stock, purchases, invoices, and so on. I must say this solution is such a perfect fit! I would highly recommend AccountingOnWeb to any entrepreneur or small business owner looking for an affordable, reliable and efficient solution for managing their finances.

Er. Nitin K

Managing Director, Robust Packaging Solutions

AccountingOnWeb is a mind-blowing invention!! What a smooth and versatile solution for accounting right from tracking the transactions to consolidating all financial info into useful reports. My finance department is now using AOW on a daily basis to generate & send invoices to our customers, managing the POs, and ofcourse the analytical reports of our regular operations for critical and timely decision-making. It is awesome value for money as I am paying literally nothing and getting full end-to-end accounting & financial management services for my online business.

Dr. Indu

Founder, Uplatz London

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